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Covid-19 Training

The Dojo is now closed for the Christmas period. Level 4 lockdown will commence on 28/12/2020. When we are able to re-open it will be posted here and the Facebook page.

Please see the new page regarding training under Covid-19.

Our Aikido Dojo is now in it's sixteenth year at the present location. Our aim is to provide Aikido training to the local community. Sharing our knowledge and passing on new tuition. Aikido can help with building confidence, self defence, and increased fitness at a steady pace. We pride ourselves in running a friendly Dojo, with a relaxed atmosphere, but with serious training.

The Dojo is a member of the Institute of Aikido & the British Aikido Board, who are the Governing Body for Aikido in the UK.

The club instructor is now entering his fortieth year in Aikido. The Dojo has a strong emphasis on Aikido weapons, and follows the Aikiken & Aikijo system. During weapons practice, use of the Tanto (Knife) and on an iregular basis, elements of Seitei Iaido are also taught.

If you require any further information regarding the Dojo, please contact us.


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